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Woman At The Beach Meets A Dog Who Won’t Stop Staring Out To Sea

Jolie Meja and her family took a trip to Punta Negra, a little beach village near their home in Peru, the other day.

They came to discover a story of love in its purest form there, along a rocky coastline overlooking the sea.


Meja and her family were relaxing by the sea when they were approached by a lone dog.

“He didn’t appear to be abandoned.” Meja told The Dodo that he wore a ribbon around his neck and that his fur was clean. “I patted him while waiting for his owner, but no one showed up after a few minutes.”


The dog was amused by Meja’s pets, but his eyes was always drawn to the sea.

And Meja quickly discovered the heartfelt reason why.


In the event that the dog had been abandoned, Meja and her family contemplated adopting him. So, when a local went by, Meja asked him whether he knew what had happened to the dog.

“He said that almost everyone in the neighborhood knows the dog and loves him,” Meja added. “He said the dog’s owner was a fisherman who died a long time ago, and that the dog visits the beach every day and stares out to sea.”


The dog seemed to have been keeping vigil, waiting for his companion who would never return.

“We were very affected,” Meja remarked.


Meja believes the dog’s owner drowned at sea around a year ago, and the dog has been looking for him every day since.

Despite the fact that the dog’s owner may never return, the dog has pals who care for him.


People in the town are obviously aware of the dog’s tragic background, as they feed him, shelter him, and provide him with medical attention when he requires it.

The dog’s name is Vaguito, according to a local veterinarian in Punta Negra, and he’s presently in the care of a woman who lives nearby.