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Puppy Overcame The Fence That Separated Him From His Neighbor To Play

As a show of cordiality and good manners, the protagonist in many Hollywood films brings a cake prepared with his own hands to his neighbor. In real life, this is frequently used to create friendly ties with individuals who live next door, i.e., our neighbors. What is less common is that the link of goodwill with one’s neighbors extends beyond the realm of animals. This was demonstrated by these two cute puppies that reside next door and, although being separated by a fence, have an incredible bond.

All members of the TikTok social network were charmed by a video that was just posted on the platform. The cute movie depicts two dogs, one white and the other with darker hair, who live next door but are separated by a wooden fence. Despite this, the two puppies were able to play and greet one another. Ollie, the white dog, happily bounds around his yard until he reaches a little wall. That’s when he sees Sally, his gorgeous doggie neighbor, peeking over the fence. Who else is enthusiastically approaching the fence?

The animals frisk and even appear to hug one other at one point in the footage. Ollie’s owner captured the sweet moment on camera after witnessing the amusing event. “They cuddle and kiss across our shared fence and even trade toys around,” the dog’s owner wrote on the TikTok social media platform. Ollie and his next-door neighbor Sally appear to have devised a system that allows them to play and enjoy themselves in every manner despite their separation.

The video below shows Ollie and Sally finding a method to play through the wooden fence: