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No One Wants To Adopt This Dog Because She Looks Different From The Others

Meagan Hanley is the creator of A Place for Ace, a rescue facility for animals in need in Boston, Massachusetts (United States), and she felt she had to assist when she heard about a dog that no one wanted to adopt.

Kleo was a shelter dog in San Antonio, Texas, but she was on the verge of being euthanized since no one wanted to adopt her.

Despite the fact that she had previously been adopted, her former family decided to return her to the shelter, signaling that finding an adoption in time would be extremely difficult.

Facebook/ A Place For Ace

Kleo stands apart from other dogs thanks to his slightly crooked face and noticeable underbite. Kleo had something unique, and after thinking about it, he traveled for her and gave her to her foster family. Meagan realized she had to do something to assist her.

Kleo immediately adjusted to his new home and foster family in Boston, demonstrating that he was enjoying his new life.

Facebook/ A Place For Ace

She was unaffected by the change of residence; despite everything that had occurred, she seemed content, and her foster mother was startled. Kleo was cared for at home by Brianne Miers, who is now in charge of providing her with the necessities while she is adopted.

Facebook/ A Place For Ace

Brianne explained to The Dodo:

“Kleo makes the most of every day; she has a passion for life, is a bundle of energy, and enjoys playing.” She is highly clever and intrigued about all the new sights and scents that surround her ».

The volunteer has cared for numerous dogs, but none like Kleo, who is easy to manage and adjust to new situations. Because she has never recognized that she is different from other animals, the dog has a regular existence.

Facebook/ A Place For Ace

Brianne continued,

“When she gets enthusiastic, she snorts a little, and her bite makes her a little sloppy when she drinks water or eats a crunchy food. She’s otherwise a regular, happy, and healthy puppy!”

People gaze at her as they walk anywhere, but she ignores them and continues on her joyful path. Although Kleo is ignorant of her differences, many people do, which may explain why no one has expressed interest in adopting her.

Facebook/ A Place For Ace

Kleo was up for adoption alongside 20 other dogs, all of whom were adopted, but no one was interested in her. She is exceptional, and the professionals at her foster home believe that adopting her would be the finest decision she could make; she is a prize for a family.

They do offer a few suggestions, as Kleo would be best suited to a family with older children and no cats.

Facebook/ A Place For Ace

Also, search for a family who lives an active lifestyle, because she is a terrific jogging or walking buddy, is clever, and requires entertainment. Kleo, on the other hand, is seeking for a family that would welcome her and love her unconditionally.

The staff say it’s heartbreaking to see how the other dogs get adopted, while Kleo is still on the waiting list, but they know the perfect family will come along.

Facebook/ A Place For Ace