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Rescue Dog Refuses To Let Go Of His Dad’s Hand

Some dogs want their own space, a few hours alone when they may eat, sniff, or sleep without being disturbed, but Stanley is not one of them.

Sam Clarence rescued Stanley from a bully breed rescue in Christchurch, New Zealand, a year and a half ago, and has since seen the scared stray pup turn into a “Velcro dog.”

Stanley refuses to let go of his father’s hand these days, which is inconvenient when they’re on one of their numerous road trips. “At all times, we have to be touching,” Clarence told The Dodo. “He is quite adamant about it.”


Clarence first encountered Stanley while helping at a local animal shelter as a dog walker. Clarence was asked about taking after one of the puppies for a few weeks after they were discovered living on an abandoned property with their mother.

Clarence, on the other hand, knew the dog would be a “foster fail” as soon as he saw a photo of Stanley.


It wasn’t love at first sight for Stanley.

“When we came home, he was afraid, and it took him an hour to get out of the car,” Clarence added. “Once he was out, I gave him a nice wash, some food, and a nice bed next to the fire.”

Stanley connected with his adoptive father as he acclimated to living indoors and eating and drinking from a dish. “As a puppy, he would sleep on the bed with me and we could never be apart,” Clarence said. “He’d lie behind me with at least one paw on my back at all times; if I moved, he moved.”


Stanley has gotten older and wiser, but his need to be with his people has remained constant.

“We have to be in contact if I’m driving,” Clarence stated, “otherwise he’ll push it on me.” “It’s the same whether we’re watching TV.” Until I touch him, paws will be flying at me. It’s simply one of his peculiarities. If I’m not around, he’ll do the same to my flatmate.”

Both dad and dog now enjoy going on outdoor activities in New Zealand, and Stanley dives in as soon as he sees a beach, river, or lake.

Clarence couldn’t imagine a nicer traveling companion – even if it meant putting in additional effort to keep his eyes on the road.