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Doctor Revives A Homeless Cat That Was Dying In Front Of The Hospital

An emergency room physician in Istanbul, Turkey, adopted a stray cat and gave it a loving home. The history of the white stray cat that one day wandered up to the gates of the zel Akgün Tem hospital and became stuck in the rotating door is unknown.

Miracle, as the cat came to be known, ran into problems when he attempted to enter the building through a rotating door at the front.

The cat was accidentally left caught between one of the glass panels and the door by a guy who was leaving the hospital at the time and had not spotted it. The man instantly stopped after realizing the predicament, but it was too late.

Halil Akyürek, a physician who works in the hospital’s emergency room, was one among several who observed the disturbance at the entrance. He took off to assist the creature in need.

Healed said:

The cat’s neck was completely impaled.

“I was struggling and had respiratory issues. I moved him away from the door by appropriately placing my hand on the back of his head. The CPR was begun right away.

Miracle was brought to the hospital’s emergency room, where he was given oxygen. While this was going on, Dr. Halil spoke with a vet to see what treatments he might give the cat and how to administer them.

Dr. Halil was one of those who contributed to the choice of the cat’s new name because of the cat’s quick recovery. But he also gave her a permanent home, not just a name.