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Dog Who’s Blind And Deaf FLIPS OUT When She Senses Her Dad Is Getting Home

Opal, a cute puppy who can’t see or hear, may have a different perspective on the world than most canines, but it doesn’t stop her heart from shining brightly.

Christina Bray and her husband rescued Opal, an 8-month-old merle-coated puppy, after finding her via an Idaho rescue organisation that rehomes special needs pets. Opal was born blind and deaf as a result of poor breeding.

That comes with its own set of obstacles, but what counts most is the dog’s loving nature.

Opal’s parents just released a video of her loving heart in action. Opal manages to perceive what has become the finest part of her day despite her loss of sight and hearing – the moment her father arrives home. And, sure enough, she’s giddy with delight to see him.

Bray said online, “She sits in the front yard, waiting to either feel or smell his car.” “Because neighbor automobiles pull up and she doesn’t seem to notice, I’m not sure how she can detect the difference. She then gets a whiff of him and goes insane. It’s just lovely!”

Opal’s remaining senses may be heightened as a result of those she lacks, but her heart is definitely pleased by the people she cares about the most…

… and it’s fair to say the feeling is mutual.