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Woman Is Now The Best Friend Of A Bull Of Almost 750 Kg After Rescuing Him As A Calf

Thor, a newborn shorthorn bull, was discovered prone and gasping in a mound of excrement by Heidi Ross when he was just a little calf. Heidi felt compelled to do all in her power to save Thor since he had touched her heart.

The young woman was working on a farm at the time and pleaded with the farm manager to allow her to purchase the calf with her funds rather than sending it to slaughter. Since then, Heidi, who lives in the Scottish Highlands, has been caring for Thor.

Despite their vast differences in size, with Thor weighing about 750kg, the two share an unshakable friendship. The calf even rotates around to let his closest pal tickle his stomach.


Heidi explained to METRO UK:

“Taking on Thor has been a tremendous choice for me; I’ve never worked with large animals before, and the largest animal I’ve ever had was a guinea pig, so meeting Thor has been a fantastic experience.”


Heidi claims that she has worked hard to earn their trust. Although he would never injure her, she may inadvertently damage her owing to her stature. Thor isn’t aggressive, but he doesn’t know that some of his actions might harm his companion, even when she is only expressing affection.

Heidi explains:

“I believe that if given the opportunity, any animal would demonstrate that all creatures are sentient, with thoughts and emotions, much like other animals that humans naturally befriend, such as dogs, cats, and horses.”


Because Thor was born about a month early, he couldn’t stand or walk on his own. He is now a mature and wealthy bull, three years later.

Heidi continued:

I would have laughed three years ago if someone had told me that I would soon have a bull for a buddy and that I would like being buried in dirt, always having bits of straw in my hair, and spending my Sundays cleaning out a barn and picking up massive feces from the field. I wouldn’t have believed a word of it if you told me.”