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The Tiniest Bird Bathes In A Flower Petal

Rahul Singh has been photographing the wildlife near his house in Jalpaiguri, India, for the past six years. He’s photographed elephants, rhinos, deer, jackals, and monkeys, but his true love is the colorful birds that nest around his hometown.

He caught a scene that left him speechless last August.


“I went to an area where there were bushes of these decorative bananas to photograph sunbirds drinking nectar from them,” Singh said to The Dodo. “Everything was normal until I was startled to see the crimson sunbird bathing in the water held in the banana blossom petal.”

Early-morning precipitation had accumulated in the banana flower’s bowl-like red petal, and the 4-inch-long songbird wasn’t about to squander it on such a scorching day.


After she’d gotten her fill of nectar, the red sunbird proceeded to bathe in the petal.

Singh had never seen anything like that in all his years of bird watching. “I was truly taken aback by this strange conduct,” Singh remarked. “I kept my camera’s shutter button pushed while the bird bathed.”