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Cat Returns Home With A Message Proving His Double Life On His Collar

The example of a cat that came home with a message on his collar revealing that he had a secret life has sparked a surge of comments on social media.

Our animal companions are unique and clever beings. Héctor Morales is the proud owner of Nilo, a beautiful kitty that he acquired when he was a young boy living on the streets and has cared for ever since.

CREDIT; Héctor

Hector didn’t have to look far to uncover his pet’s insatiable need for outside excursions. He was a highly self-sufficient, independent cat that enjoyed socializing with other cats.

Nilo used to hang around near the house, so his father consented to give his cat the freedom he craved.

Nilo always came back from his street excursions, but as he got older, he became more adventurous.

CREDIT; Héctor

Héctor began to be concerned about Nilo’s welfare, as he began to spend the night away from home, sometimes for many days at a time. At first, he assumed his cat was lost and desperate someplace.

Nilo went home as if nothing awful had happened after spending days away from home, and it was true for him.

He was having a fantastic time while his owner was anxious that he may be in an unpleasant or hazardous scenario.

“Come back as if you’ve never been away.” Héctor said, “He comes back quite calm and fatter too.”

CREDIT; Héctor

Hector described the experience as “unreal.”

This cat, it found out, was not that daring after all, but had been living a double life and even had a different name.

CREDIT; Héctor

The inscription on her necklace revealed that she had a second family, an other identity, and that she was loved and protected at a house she frequented. Unbeknownst to them, two households shared the same pet.

CREDIT; Héctor

“We are ‘Angelo’s other family,” the message stated. “When he’s not at your place, he’s at ours,” the letter on Nilo’s necklace said.

Héctor confessed that the event startled him to the point of feeling betrayed because Nilo had been cheating on him, but that sensation faded fast, despite the fact that he initially mistook his cat for a traitor.

“When I thought about it, I was grateful that another family had taken care of him and even named him,” Hector added.

Nilo was ready to go out again after a few days, and his father decided to respond by writing a message to his cat’s previous family.

CREDIT; Héctor

“Could you please give me your phone number?” It might be used to notify us if one of us is on vacation. “PS: Nilo ate tuna before leaving,” Héctor wrote.

CREDIT; Héctor

Nilo’s second secret meals, or rather Angelo’s second secret dinners, were quickly forgotten, and while his second family’s adoration for him will remain, it will no longer be hidden.

CREDIT; Héctor