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Bear Smells Brownies and Will Go to Any Length To Get Some

When a woman in Connecticut was making brownies in her kitchen, she heard a thud against her screen door and turned around to see an unwelcome guest trying to get in.

On her doorstep, a juvenile bear stood gazing through the glass, wanting to be let inside. The bear most likely scented the brownies being made and decided to check if the woman would share some with him.

The bear was so anxious to come inside that he climbed up onto the woman’s porch railing at one point…

…and stood on it for a while, trying to figure out how to go in. Maybe he thought it would be easier to notice him that way. This bear is clearly a huge admirer of brownies.

The woman was understandably terrified of the too eager bear, and she ultimately enlisted the aid of her neighbor, Bob Belfiore, to gently drive the bear away.

Belfiore told WFSB, “He really exited the kitchen area and walked to the second set of doors off the deck.” “And then I tried those, and then I proceeded to the third set of doors into the living room and tried to get in.”

The bear eventually understood that no one was going to welcome him in for a bite, so he left, sadly without any brownies.

Bears are highly driven by food and have a keen sense of smell, so it’s crucial not to leave food out in locations where bears may be present, since they will almost certainly attempt to locate it and may return for more in the future.