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9-Year-Old Boy Put His Skateboard Up For Sale To Save The Life Of A Homeless Dog

A stray dog that was discovered abandoned in the streets of Guaymallén, Mendoza, Argentina, was saved by this child. The 9-year-old hero, who goes by the name of Mauco Abeiro, did not think twice to save the puppy, even if doing so required giving up his skateboard.

The fourth-grader, who has a great love of animals, took the dog to his mother, who was working at the time, after noticing that one of his front legs was hurt.

The dog given the name Rocco was fed, loved, spoiled, and showered by Mauco. Unfortunately, Mauco’s family lacked the funds to pay for the veterinary care that he required.

But the adorable youngster persisted, and in order to preserve the dog’s life, he made the decision to sell his Christmas-gifted skateboard.

The mother of Mauco, Laura, stated to the Los Andes newspaper:

“He completed the task without my intervention. He grew up caring for homeless animals like dogs and birds. However, the current state of the economy does not permit unforeseen costs. He simply proposed to sell his skateboard as a result. He is one of such people; most recently, he donated a play to some younger brothers who didn’t have one.

Mauco used his mother’s facebook account to offer his skateboard.

The young child’s kind deed quickly went viral on social media. As a result of the assistance from animal welfare groups and doctors, Rocco has started Mauco’s recovery process; he can now keep the skateboard.

Mauco’s mother is extremely proud of him and has gotten a ton of comments from others who were touched by his extraordinary charity.