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This Man Is A Hero- He Saved 29 Horses From Raging Floodwaters

29 horses are rescued and are alive thanks to Henry Chillihitzia. Horses were saved from dangerous floodwater using motorboats and tractors by Chillihitzia.

Everything happened on November 15, 2021 in the town of Merritt.

29 horses were not moving because of the floodwater. Immediately, Chillihitzia received a text message and decided to help them.

“I am in tears of joy we got the horses out of the water onto dry land, all horses accounted for thank you God. What a rush.”

He helped them with a motorboat and now 29 horses are all healthy.

“That’s my first time doing that in a boat,” he added. “I knew if we didn’t do anything then, yeah, my heart probably would have shattered in two billion pieces.”