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Fat But Adorable Owl Was Rescued Because She Couldn’t Fly

Suffolk Owl Sanctuary has reported that a female owl was rescued after being ‘too fat to fly’. Also, owl is considered to be “extremely obese”.

“Usually in these instances, we assume injury of sorts that is preventing the owl from flying – occasionally becoming wet causes them to become grounded too,” the bird sanctuary wrote on their Facebook page.

She couldn’t fly because of her weighs but she is still cute though.

“She was unable to fly effectively due to the fatty deposits around her body,” Suffolk-based animal rescuers wrote.

Staff put her on a strict diet and now she is getting healthier and looking good day by day.

“We can now happily say she has trimmed down to a more natural weight for release,” Suffolk Owl Sanctuary writes.

This is a really good news. When she is getting healthier, she will be ready to fly.