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Woman Who Had Breast Cancer Got Healed With Purrs And Love By Her Cat Named Oggy

Oggy is the most adorable cat you have ever seen. He loves so much her owner Kate. But we might say that Oggy has saved Kate’s life by pointing out her breast cancer.

Kate King-Scribbins and her husband have such a big family, Oggy, who’s the oldest, Lulu the Maine coon, and Abby, the twelve-year-old lab mix.

But Oggy has showed always love for mama.

One day, Kate woke up having a strong pain through her body. Later she was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer.

She was so strong and didn’t give up. Oggy’s mom has done many surgeries and chemotherapy. And Oggy was there to love and support her.

Cat loves snuggling in Kate’s arms, but his behavior started to change. He saved her mom from cancer with her with purrs and love.

Kate now is so healthy and stronger again.

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