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This Pit Bull Was Found Tied To A Tree With A Chain So Tight He Could Barely Move

A volunteer with the New Jersey-based animal rescue group Don’t Bully Us Rescue, Kerry Haney has always had a deep affection for animals. At the end of September, she was at home when she started getting calls asking for assistance in various ways. for a puppy who was suffering after being tethered to a tree and put through a dreadful ordeal.

Kerry stated to The Dodo:

I received six phone calls, a dozen texts, and hundreds of [Facebook] tags about a dog suffering to death while tethered to a tree near Swedesboro.

Added Kerry:

He was unable to lift his head even the slightest bit since it was restrained. He was sitting in his own excrement and pee and there was nothing to eat or drink. I went to the location they gave me in my pajamas to check if the dog was there and to see if I could chat to the family to see if he could assist.

In the middle of the night, Kerry ran out right away to assist Max the dog, but when she got there, she couldn’t find him. The woman made the decision to report the incident to the Woolwich Township Police Department, and she could see that they were already in control.

Added Kerry:

We had to wait in the dark for a few days while the police took the required steps to separate the dog from its owner, so that alone made it quite traumatic.

After a week, Max was able to be transferred to a Gloucester County animal shelter where he was looked after until a court hearing on October 6 where, thankfully, his father was found guilty and punished.

Kerry chose to be in charge of taking care of Max by giving him a foster home because she was the one who was most involved in his rescue. Although it was first assumed that he would be combative, Kerry was able to see his genuine sweetness.

She uttered:

“Max is a big guy inside a puppy’s body. He obviously never had the opportunity to play as a puppy since he still exudes the same enthusiasm and energy at the age of 16 weeks! We’re working on it, but he still lacks manners.

The dog has been treated with a lot of affection by Kerry and her family and has complete freedom to enjoy activities and walks because he spent so much of his childhood tied up.

Max, on the other hand, has demonstrated that he gets along well with other dogs and is quite amiable towards kids.