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Little Puppy Was Found Inside A Plastic Bag Lying On The Ground

Thanks to a woman who was passing by and decided not to ignore the little puppy’s whimpers coming from a garbage bag laying on the ground, she discovered the animal in a neighborhood in Ireland.

The puppy, now known as “Bobby,” was just a few weeks old, when he ought to have been living close to his mother. It becomes obvious that someone placed it there on purpose so that he would die.

Fortunately, she brought him home right afterwards and made an effort to get in touch with a facility that could care for him.

Coolronan Dog Rescue

Dog Rescue Coolronan owner Ramona Cunningham provided the following statement to The Dodo:

Because he was in such bad health and could not move, “[She] phoned us to aid him.”

Coolronan Dog Rescue

When Ramona and her partner Chris Kelly learned what was going on with Bobby, they made the decision to track him down right away and bring him in for a checkup.

Coolronan Dog Rescue

This cute little puppy was discovered in such poor circumstances, yet he unquestionably showed himself to be a fighter.

Coolronan Dog Rescue

Ramona remarked:

He was so frail and thin that his weak hind legs prevented him from truly being able to stand up.

Coolronan Dog Rescue