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Guy Takes In Pups That No One Wants, Runs A Shelter With 750 Dogs

In the human-animal relationship, the dog does not care if its owner resides in a mansion or on the street, what is their religion or the color of their skin. Love, care, affection and respect are enough to earn a dog’s trust. But even so, many of them are thrown to the streets as garbage. We will tell the story today of a big-hearted man who has decided to change his life … and many others.

It all started in 2008, when Sasha Pesic was returning to his home in the Serbian city of Nis after a long day, and happened to meet four abandoned puppies along the way. The scene moved him to such an extent that even without financial conditions, he began a plan to help them. This small display of love, dedication and solidarity started something that eventually made him one of the leading defenders of animals in Serbia.

Along with 6 volunteers, Sasha opened a shelter to provide home and food to all four-legged furry creatures without discrimination. All this, thanks to the contributions and donations he receives from various parts of the world. And if that wasn’t enough, he knows all of their names, vaccinates them, sterilizes them and even gives them an identification microchip.

Fortunately, a petition signed by thousands of people has led to the authorities giving up, and although the matter is not permanently settled, Pesic is grateful that his dogs still have a home. The shelter is overcrowded, as Sasha himself admits, but for now, he has no better alternative.

“The problem here is in the system and the institutions that should be taking care of this,” Sasha told Bored Panda. “They are broken and corrupted and cause even more damage rather than actually helping the situation.”

“The other problem is in the irresponsibility of the owners who don’t neuter their dogs and leave them outside when they don’t want them anymore. Reasons vary from ‘I got a baby and I can’t take care of the dog’ to ‘I don’t need it anymore.’”

“There is confusion and carelessness towards animals here that causes a lot of problems of these kinds.”
“These dogs just need a little love, food and care, many come to the shelter sad and scared but in time their joy is returned,” Sasha says with pride.