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Loyal Dog Waits 3 Years For His Owner To Return Home Without Realizing That He Has Been Left

Hei Zi was abandoned one day while living with his adoptive father in a housing complex in the Chinese city of Xi’an. In 2017, the guy made the decision to go to South Korea, leaving the magnificent dog all by himself.

He has been waiting for them to return for him ever since, but it has never occurred.

After several residents in the neighborhood advised against trapping Hei Zi because he was a homeless dog, a neighbor called Wang Huili made the decision to look for assistance for Hei Zi.

Hei Zi’s removal from the area was sought by certain residents who were terrified of dogs. Fortunately, a lot of people opted to adore him as if it were their own pet out of compassion for him.

The Daily Mail reported that Wang stated:

“Like our own dogs, Hei Zi receives meat or other foods from our purchases.”

Wang claims that despite the neighbors’ customary lack of communication before to Hei Zi’s desertion, the case of Hei Zi managed to deepen their friendship.

The dog is unquestionably a fantastic illustration of devotion because he has never considered leaving the location until he is reunited with the person he loved the most and who, sadly, left him.

For the dog’s comfort, the neighbors constructed a little bamboo tent, and they alternately leave food out for the animal.

Wang said:

“He never engages in dog fighting or kidnapping.”

Last year, a donation of 5,000 yuan was provided in order to pay for the dog’s medical care and the removal of its parasites.