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An Adorable Dog With An Untreatable Facial Tumor Was Rescued And Her Keepers Gave Her All The Love She Deserved

Patti Dawson, the head of the Dallas, Texas-based charity Dallas Dog Rescue Rehab Reform, took in the sweet husky called Serenity when she was four years old after rescuing her from a shelter in San Antonio.

Chondrosarcoma, a facial tumor that could not be treated, damaged Serenity’s face. His skull, eye sockets, and nasal cavity have all been affected by the tumor. However, not even her excruciating suffering could stop this gorgeous husky from displaying her personality to the rescuers, who continued to see all of her beauty.

To conduct a thorough investigation, “he went right to an oncologist, internal medicine doctor, and a crucial expert.”


Originally established to aid in the rescue of stray dogs in South Dallas, Dallas Dog Rescue Rehab Reform has now evolved into more of a sanctuary for dogs with slim chances of adoption.


As a special education teacher with a history of giving assistance to individuals in need, Patti says:

“The unwanted, as much as I hate to admit it. those that are more challenging. They are our specialty. She still had life in her, so I knew we would battle to the death to try to rescue her.


Patti made the choice to phone Renee Dowhaniuk, an animal photographer, and arrange a sweet picture shoot while she was with Serenity. The lady who took the photos of the different shelters said that the spirit of Serenity was something special. They concentrated on showcasing the beauty of the husky in each photograph.


Rene also said

“That little girl, the nose was working and the tail was wagging as soon as we pulled her out of Patti’s car and set her down on the ground.”