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After A Visit From His Dog, The Doctor Was Taken Aback By The Patient’s Improvement

The affection of a good dog is sometimes the finest medication.

Flavio Santos has been getting cancer treatment in a hospital in Brazil for the past few weeks. No doubt it’s been a challenging period for him, made even more difficult by the fact that he’d been missing someone close to him back home.

Agadir, his dog, is the person in question.

When Santos’ nurses learnt of this, they decided to plan a special visit, probably not realizing how much of a difference it would make.

Finally, the two pals were reunited.

Santos, as well as Agadir, were visibly moved by the encounter.

But, as it turns out, the influence of that encounter was far more profound than first appears.

Doctors saw a positive change in Santos after he spent time with his dog. Their patient’s general outlook appeared to improve.

Dr. Rodrigo Tancredi told Globo that he was startled. “He was awake, focused, and speaking.”

Tancredi went on to say that pet visits offer both psychological and physical advantages, resulting in greater hunger as well as decreased heart rate and blood pressure.

“The other day, we observed his progress,” Tancredi remarked. “It was a steady progress that has continued.”