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Passing Through The Nativity Scene, A Woman Notices Someone Sleeping In The Manger And It Was The Cutest Thing Ever  

Nádia Rosângella was passing by a nativity scene display set up in a square near her house in Brazil the other night. She discovered all of the usual figurines neatly arranged there.

But there was one element about this nativity tableau that stood out.

Someone unexpected occupied the manger, which was normally left vacant until Christmas day.


As it turns out, a young puppy had observed the nice location that had gone unclaimed and decided it would be the ideal position for a sleep. That was undeniably the case.

The puppy was a picture of calm and contentment.

“I was taken aback. It was really stunning!” The Dodo was recounted by Rosângella. “What a beautiful and pure scene.”


The dog’s origins were unclear at first, but Rosângella believes she was abandoned in the area at some point in the past. She’d taken sanctuary in the little nativity scene because she didn’t know where else to turn.

However, by doing so, the puppy assured that her lonely situation would not go undetected.


Rosângella was moved by the situation and determined to assist. She was unable to take the puppy home with her, so she took a few photographs and shared the news with her animal-loving pals.

And soon long, the dog that had sought solace for the night in the manger of the nativity scene had received so much more.

“She was found and taken home by a friend,” Rosângella explained.


The dog got the second chance she so sorely needed thanks to her spontaneous involvement in the nativity scene that night.