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Bella And Tara, A Homeless Dog And An Elephant, Who Were The Best Of Friends Until The End

One of the most heartbreaking tales we’ve ever seen is the one involving the dog Bella and the elephant Tara.

Elephants are among the most intellectual creatures in the world, but their specific attractiveness comes from more than just their ability to digest information virtually like humans do; it also comes from the fact that they are incredibly gregarious. They like remaining in a herd and developing the most intriguing bonds with creatures of other species, regardless of how dissimilar they are from their own.

Rob Atkinson

Nearly 1,000 hectares of land are available for these lovely animals to roam free at The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee, USA. But at the same time, ailing and elderly women are provided with a secure setting to pass their remaining years, surrounded by professionals who shower them with the care they require.

Even though all of the elephants are cute and get along well, one elephant in particular has formed a really close connection, and the story of this friendship has left its caretakers in tears.

Rob Atkinson

Bella and Tara were a joy to be around for their carers as they strolled, played, explored, ate, drank, and even cuddled.

Rob Atkinson

However, the unfortunate dog had a back injury one day and was unable to walk, so they were forced to confine her for three weeks to a special rehabilitation area inside the same sanctuary.

The elephant Tara was quite disturbed by the news; she had been her devoted travel companion but now she was alone and had no one to play or slumber with.

Rob Atkinson

Even though Tara was depressed, she wouldn’t leave her buddy. Instead of exploring her 1,000-acre environment during this time, Tara remained outside the hospital, watching for Bella to emerge and resume playing.

Rob Atkinson

The 35-year-old elephant and her best buddy Bella were eventually reunited after spending weeks in the same location.

The staff’s tears were brought on by this pair of friends’ reunion:

Tara was at a loss for how else to let Bella know how much she had been missed.

Rob Atkinson