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Adorable Homeless Puppy Was Born With A Permanent Squint

A doctor from the Caribbean island of Antigua discovered a gorgeous puppy inside a cardboard box in his driveway, and he realized she needed care simply by looking at her since she had a medical issue.

The small puppy appeared to have her eyes closed and averted all of the time, but this physical issue, as well as her soft wrinkled forehead, pierced her heart. The man did not hesitate to take her up and phoned Dogs and Cats of Antigua, a local animal rescue organization, right away.

The organization arranged for the tiny girl to be picked up and sent to their facility, where she was given the nickname “Faith” by the staff.


She was critically malnourished in addition to her illness, but the volunteers at the charity felt they could offer her a second chance at life.

Faith’s adoptive mother, Kate Venezia, told The Dodo:

“Normally, on the islands, a special needs dog like Faith would be killed right away. There aren’t many adopters, and there isn’t enough money to care for them.


Dogs & Cats paid for all of her medical expenditures and even persuaded the government to get the necessary permissions for her to be sent to the United States for specialist treatment.

Faith was surprised to see how keen she was to continue her life as a normal dog when she arrived at Kate’s place.


Kate expressed herself as follows:

“She was remarkably competent at going about the home; she’s not afraid of anything, but she usually manages to find her way around by smelling and knocking against things. Nothing bothers her; if she collides with something, she simply hops back up and continues on her way.”


The small child navigates the home with her ears and nose, eventually arriving at her favorite spot: her mother’s feet.

Kate continued, ”

“She enjoys people, but she has to be with me all the time because she can sense when I’m nearby.”


Faith lifts her nose up and sniffs around the house to try to find her, and if she hears a disturbance, she dashes to it. The lovely canine was transferred to Animal Haven, a New York-based rescue organization, for medical evaluations.


Following a thorough medical examination, it was determined that Faith was ready for a permanent home and family.

Adoption applications poured in like a torrent when the rescue center shared Faith’s lovely photographs on Facebook.