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This Puppy Was Born With A Rare Condition, But The Love Of His Rescuers And Adoptive Family Has Brought Him Much Happiness In His Life

A two-year-old dog named Cooper in Virginia suffers from an uncommon condition called short spine syndrome. His spine becomes fused and compressed as a result of this condition, which is brought on by inbreeding, and only half of his body retains the appearance of a typical dog.

This small puppy is constantly depicted as the “happiest dog,” seemingly unconcerned about his situation.

His adopted parents, Elly and Andy Keegan, revealed to Fox News:

“I find it very terrible that many dogs with problems like Cooper’s are put to death. Cooper is a perfect illustration of how much they have to live for. He now leads a contented, regular life and is an important member of our family.”

FB: Cooper – Short On Spine, Big On Love

When Cooper was just two months old, animal control authorities found him near a puppy farm. His rescuers assume that his birth deformity is why he was left behind.

FB: Cooper – Short On Spine, Big On Love

He was subsequently sent to Secondhand Hounds in Minnetonka, Minnesota, where he got care for ear mites, worms, and a hernia.

FB: Cooper – Short On Spine, Big On Love

He is a really amiable canine. Because of the inbreeding that led to his disability, I find it incomprehensible that the breeders just threw him out when they discovered he wouldn’t help them earn money.

Cooper must spin his entire body to look behind him since it appears he lacks a neck. Cooper’s spine was fused at the neck and lower back, according to Elly, which made using the restroom challenging for him as well.

FB: Cooper – Short On Spine, Big On Love

Cooper received surgery in order to improve his bowel movements.

“Elly” said

“It’s challenging since he is unable to take lengthy walks or spend a lot of time on hard surfaces. He must be seated on a soft surface, such as carpet or grass.”

Elly claims that despite the fact that Cooper appears to have a normal life, there are still many difficulties related to his abnormality. He had a five-part neck fracture and was recently found to have osteomyelitis, a bone infection.

FB: Cooper – Short On Spine, Big On Love