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This Adorable Cat Named Kiki Acts Like He Is A Dog, Just Like His Best Friends

Meet this cute cat named Kiki. He is new to a family with Shibas for years. But the wife always wanted a cat at their home.

This Japanese couple had already 3 beautiful dogs.

“The reason why I wanted to expand our family with a cat rather than a dog was quite simple: I’ve had a cat in the past,” the woman told Bored Panda. “But when I told my husband that I wanted a kitty, I learned he wasn’t very fond of cats. I kept at it, but he refused every time. After some time, however, I was able to find a cat we both liked.”

Now Kiki is best friends with dogs and suddenly he started acting like them. So the couple decided to take Kiki and the dogs at a Shiba Inu party.

“Kiki was getting along with all the dogs just fine, but one of them suddenly started barking at him. Immediately, one of our Shibas, Saki, barked back, protecting Kiki. At that point, I understood they’ve become true companions.”

Aren’t they the cutest?