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Rescued Duck Can’t Stop Hugging The Woman Who Saved His Life

Delilah was saved from a house with too many male ducks, where she was constantly being picked on. As an animal lover who realized Delilah wouldn’t survive long in that circumstance, Katherine Tanchuk learned about her from a friend and decided to assist her.

The beautiful duck was so eager for a second chance that Katherine didn’t even notice that she was losing most of her wings and tail feathers or being able to walk or stand up.

Delilah was frightened and worried when she first arrived at Katherine’s home. She had already gone through so much and didn’t know what to anticipate at her new house.

Katherine Tanchuk

Delilah was in a great deal of discomfort as well, which Katherine promptly started dealing with on a regular basis in an effort to hasten her recovery.

Katherine said to The Dodo:

“Delilah has a twisted leg, which is caused by a leg staph infection. Despite the fact that it affects chickens often, Delilah’s ailment went untreated for so long that one of her legs bent. Every day, he improves his ability to stand and move, although he still mostly relies on his wings for balance.

Katherine Tanchuk

Katherine started giving Delilah magnesium sulfate baths every day, letting her soak and play in the water for approximately an hour, to help relieve her hurting and worn-out body. She gives her a bath and uses a big, fluffy towel to dry her off.

Delilah then understood how soothing it feels to hug the one who saved her life.

Katherine Tanchuk

Cathy remarked:

Delilah enjoys cuddling up with me after her bath as I dry her off, and she lets me know when she’s had enough. Although she is still learning to trust, I believe she helps her feel comfortable being close to my heart.

Katherine Tanchuk

Delilah is starting to trust her savior more and more, despite the fact that she is still a bit unsure about things, and their little cuddling sessions help convince her that she is finally in a secure place.

Katherine Tanchuk