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Five Koalas Return Home After The Fires And Do So With A New Life On Their Bag

Millions of koalas were impacted by severe forest fires for several months, and as if that weren’t enough, subsequently powerful floods completely destroyed the species’ native habitat.

Today we celebrate the return of the five lovely marsupials Jed, Yellow, Scully, Billa, and Gulu to the Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT), where they were taken as a result of the fires that killed around 800 million wild creatures.

Wildlife keeper Dr. Sarah May stated that Yelow has a little marsupial in her pouch and that all the koalas are overjoyed to be back home.

In a few months, the koala will stick its head out, at which point we will be able to determine whether it is a boy or a girl.

These upgrades include brand-new “furniture” for the koalas to enjoy, such as trees and logs. Additionally, a new fence with a platform was erected, allowing people to sit and see this famous animal.

Tidbinbilla made its first step towards protecting endangered animals in 1939. Following the disastrous forest fires of 2003, which left only one koala alive and called Lucky, the current family of these marsupials was introduced.

To everyone’s delight, additional animals are gradually being introduced back into the park after a significant portion of the park was rebuilt.