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Pictures Of This Squirrel In A Tiny Bed Will Melt Your Heart Right Now

Sharon Cutler is a photographer that has made something really cool recently. She decided to photograph a lovely squirrel.

Sharon created a small bed for squirrel in her garden so here a chance for her to photograph this cutie.

“I’ve only had my back garden to do any wildlife photography,” Sharon told Bored Panda. “I decided to see if I could get some images of the cute squirrels that are always in my garden.”

Just look at these amazing pictures. Do you love them?

Actually, I adore them to be honest.

“Cyril the Squirrel was so tired from a busy day in the garden,” Sharon wrote on her Facebook upon sharing the cute photos of the squirrel inspecting her new bedroom. “So it was time to say his prayers, plump up his pillow, fluff up his quilt and jump into bed.”

Her pictures are amazing!