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These 10 Adorable Fuzzy Pets Will Make You Feel All Cozy and Snuggly

These lovely cats and dogs (and their great humans!) will melt your heart whether they are adopted or fostered.

1. Neutering is cuter!

2. This senior cat and his foster kitten

Credit: KittensforDay

3. This adorable, snoozing cat…

4. Dogs always put a smile on your face!

5. This mother cat is caring for abandoned kittens…

Credit: KittensforDay

6. This stray dog that missed his mother…

Credit: KittensforDay

7. Having a lap full of foster kittens is a dream come true.

8. Adopt a cat and you’ll never have to make your bed again.

Let me help you

9. We need her.

10. Cats are masters of the Bananagrams game.