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Dog Overcomes Fear Of Snow To See Her Best Friend

Emily and Justin Thomas, together with their dog Pax, moved into a new house in October 2020. Pax was delighted to have a large patio, but everyone seemed content. Additionally, he got to meet some fantastic new neighbors, especially since the folks next door got a new puppy named Penny.

It was love at first sight for the amiable Pax, who was overjoyed to have a canine companion to play with all day.

Emily stated to The Dodo:

They got along well even though Penny was just around three months old when Pax and Penny first met in March 2021.


Pax and Penny were able to congregate to play since the neighbors had a gate in the rear of the fence enclosing their yard.


Pax began to follow her ever then, and when she reached the fence, everyone would glance out the window to witness them embrace. Every day or every time they leave the house, Pax and Penny greet each other and give each other kisses across the fence.

Along with toy sharing, they occasionally use a wind-up toy to play tug of war over the fence.


Even in each backyard, their parents make care to get kids together for playtime. Until the arrival of the winter, nothing could keep them apart.

Emily continued:

While Penny dislikes rain or snow, Pax loves it and will lie outside in a lump for as long as we allow him.

Therefore, Penny was unhappy when it snowed a lot during the winter and truly didn’t want to leave her pal alone.


Pax was inconsolable; he spent a considerable amount of time waiting on the fence for his companion to emerge from her home, making it apparent that he was missing her dearly. The dog assumed that they had been split up arbitrarily since he did not comprehend why Penny was not there to meet him as usual.

On the other side, Penny’s parents saw how depressed their buddy Pax was and devised a scheme to assist them.