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When A Street Dog Is Reunited With His Gigantic Brothers, He Feels Secure

Marie Mattart lives in Belgium with her family, and when she saw photographs of a small puppy on the website of Gaia Dogs, a Dutch rescue organisation, she was absolutely enthralled by the images and knew she had to adopt her. When she finally made it home, she christened her rescued dog Molly and learned, to her amazement, that her rescued puppy felt secure in the company of her other pets.

Marie already had a large family of rescued animals, including two Saint Bernard dogs, a goat, a pony, a donkey, and six cats.

According to Marie, who spoke to The Dodo,

“I knew it was her right away.”


Molly and her brother had a difficult start until Marie adopted them. They were discovered dwelling along a river in Greece a year ago. People who observed them alerted a local rescue organization, which brought the puppies in.

They were sent to a shelter run by Gaia Dogs, a Dutch rescue organisation that assists in the rescue of dogs in Greece, after being rescued.


Molly was only four months old when she was adopted by Marie, and she has never enjoyed being alone; she appears to be most at ease in the presence of others.

His mother continues:

“He doesn’t enjoy being apart from his humans; even if it’s only for a half-hour, he becomes ecstatic and starts wailing and screeching when we arrive home.” ‘Perhaps she recalls being abandoned as a puppy.’


The small pup likes the company of Basiel, Marie’s father’s 3-year-old Saint Bernard, who was acquired from a shelter in France, and has an amazing bond with Julie, her elder sister, a 6-year-old Saint Bernard; her size is not an issue for her.


When Marie’s daughter Molly came home and said:

“Molly was terrified when she first encountered the dogs. She sought refuge beneath the automobile. We gradually introduce her to the world, at her own speed. We made certain she felt at ease.”


When the dog gained confidence, she began to appreciate Basiel and Julie’s company; they are both quite lovely and loved having her about.

Marie stated,

“Basiel and Julie like it when he leaps to his feet and kisses their heads. It’s wonderful to see them all together.”


Molly also spends time with Hans the goat, chewing on his ears, legs, and horns. She quickly acclimated to the new environment and her new family.


His adoptive mother’s pets and he get along swimmingly. Mauwie, the eldest cat in the house, is Molly’s nap friend and is 18 years old.

Marie explains:

“They’re frequently spotted snoozing on the sofa or on Molly’s large cushion.” Molly recognizes that she’s elderly, and she’s always really calm with Mauwie.”


Mary continuedl:

“[Molly] is more playful with the other cats and makes fun of them.” She enjoys chasing them or leaping in front of them as they pass. Sometimes it’s the other way around, and Molly is pursued by the cats. It’s wonderful to watch.”


Finally, Marie said:

“We believe that because being a rescuer creates a link between them, all of our animals get along so well. They can all learn something from one other. That, we believe, is why they live in perfect harmony as a family.”