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Heroic Father Sacrifices His Life To Try To Save His Son From Being Robbed By Heartless

The love for a kid that goes beyond life, whether it be a human or an animal. When parents believe their children are in danger, they try all they can to protect them.

That’s what happened to Vern, a 32-year-old capuchin monkey who has lived with a female called Charro at the Wright Park Zoo in Kansas since 1998. When Vern came in the zoo, he was a year old, and the parents had at least four children, including their two youngest kids, Jack and Pickett.

Wright Park Zoo

The investigators assume Vern was hurt while attempting to defend his son Pickett from a thief who had broken into the complex to take it.

Picket, fortunately, was discovered in fine health just a few miles from the zoo, but Vern was not so fortunate.

Wright Park Zoo

In the morning, zoo personnel discovered Vern wounded. On September 10, he was moved to Kansas State University, where he received surgery for a fractured knee.

The procedure went well, and Vern was on his way to recovery when the zoo keepers announced his death on Facebook.

Vern was only defending his kid from a real threat, according to Dodge City Police Chief Drew Francis, who added that he had no idea he would die.

“We don’t believe Pickett managed to get out of the complex on his own.” We also don’t believe he arrived at the location where he was discovered on his own.

Drew added, “His father’s injuries seems to be blunt force trauma, as if it were a significant fall.”

Wright Park Zoo

Unfortunately, there were no cameras or video in place at the time of the suspected robbery, so officials are awaiting the results of an autopsy to confirm the cause of his death; nonetheless, it is assumed that it was caused by the injuries he sustained.

“While I doubt the offender will have the decency to come forward,” Drew added, “we ask anybody who knows who perpetrated this atrocity or has any knowledge of who would do so to contact us.”

Wright Park Zoo