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Lost Dog Heard His Family On TV And That’s Why He Was Able To Return Home

A wandering dog eventually found his way home after hearing his family on television. Although it’s true that dogs don’t often look interested in following the news, this particular dog’s love of watching TV brought him home.

Dog named Tabitha vanished around the beginning of September 2015 in Missouri, USA. She ventured outside her Kansas City home with her human Alfred Schaefer, who suffers from Alzheimer’s.

Alfred Schaefer’s wife Kelly Schaefer looked for them but only found him; Tabitha was nowhere to be found.

Their 5-year-old dog was missing, so they put up posters all throughout the area in an effort to uncover any hints as to where she could have ended up.

The Schaefers had no idea that Tabitha had been saved by a family that wanted to track out the dog’s real family and was in fact safe and well at the time.

But if it weren’t for FOX4, which aired a story a few days later on Kelly and her husband’s arduous quest for Tabitha, their paths would never have met.

They had no idea that young Tabitha was watching the news with her rescuers. The dog was quite interested in the local television news that day, especially the one about her own abduction.

When Kelly and Alfred made an appearance on television, Tabitha was overjoyed. The dog’s reaction when she addressed her by her name led the woman to deduce that the dog’s name was Tabitha.

After about ten minutes, the family called right away to report they had located Tabitha. The folks who were in possession of her realized she was Tabitha when her tail began to wag and she became animated. We received a call ten minutes later stating that they had it, Kelly added.

We had serious concerns, Kelly added. We are overjoyed that she is back.

It turns out that Tabitha enjoys watching television and has a particular interest in that “gadget,” which undoubtedly played a significant role in her decision to go back home.