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In Kenya, Rare White Giraffe Have Been Seen

Just when you thought nature couldn’t be any more incredible, here comes this video…

Conversationists in Kenya have observed a couple of white giraffes for the first time. The mother and infant reticulated giraffes were shot in Kenya’s Garissa county’s Ishaqbini Hirola Conservancy and have captivated viewers ever since.

The seldom observed species suffer from leucism, a hereditary disease that causes a partial lack of color in animals. Unlike albinism, leucism causes white or patchy-colored skin, hair, or feathers, but it has no effect on the pigment cells in the eyes.

Local rangers initially informed the HCP about the white giraffes in June of this year, according to the HCP. Two months later, they were able to obtain film of the creatures.

In a blog post, the organization claimed, “They were so near and so peaceful, and seemed unaffected by our presence.” “The mother kept pacing back and forth in front of us, signaling the baby Giraffe to hide behind the bushes – a behavior shared by most animal moms in the wild to protect their young from predators.”

White giraffe sightings in the region have risen in recent years, much to the joy of locals, according to environmentalists.

“Throughout fact, these sightings have grown so regular in the Hirola’s geographic range that the populations in these regions (particularly inside our conservancies) have gotten so enthusiastic that everyone has been reporting sightings of these wonderful animals!” they wrote.

Below is video from the Hirola Conservation Program.