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A Dog That Has Lived Her Entire Life In A Shelter Finds Comfort In Toys

After being abandoned by her relatives because she did not get along with other animals, a dog spent two years at a shelter. Unfortunately, many pups are abandoned because they do not match their owners’ expectations, and instead of confronting a process of adaptation and training, they opt to abandon them.


This is the story of Bella, our brave heroine who has been at the RSPCA’s Ashley Heath Animal Center for about two years, roughly the same time she has been there.

Despite the fact that she has never gone without affection or attention from her caretakers while at the shelter, she is in desperate need of a home of her own, surrounded by people who understand her and treat her as if she were a member of the family.


“Bella is learning to share with other dogs, but she still lacks the socializing skills she lacked during her first several months of training.”

We believe that poor management has exacerbated the situation, and she was really frustrated when we first met with her, but happily, after months and months of hard therapy, we began to see her improving.”


This lovely furry little lady is growing to appreciate other dogs, as well as people, with whom she likes spending time.

Unfortunately, her caretakers are unable to spend as much time with her as they would want, so they devised a method to make Bella feel at ease and accompanied as she spends her days at the kennel.

“Although we try to spend as much time with her as possible, we can’t always be there for her, so she’s found solace in her cuddly toys, particularly Winnie The Pooh, with whom she snuggles up every night.” Hawkins remarked.


Bella has discovered the perfect place to cuddle and wait for the big day as she succeeds to win someone’s heart in her stuffed animals.

He has a slew of toys that have become his go-to companions anytime he requires some affection. Despite the fact that she appears to be in good spirits surrounded by so many plush animals, her caregivers are hoping that this is not a solution to her problem.


The major goal is to find him a home with just adults and no other pets, who are determined to providing him with all of the care and affection he deserves, and who, of course, wish to continue his training.

Her greatest struggle in the past has been dealing with separation anxiety, which is why she need a caring family to guide her through the process. She’d be overjoyed if her new house had a spacious, cozy, fenced-in yard where she could run around and play.