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Beagle Who Lost His Eyes Was Alone In The World Until He Met His New Mom

In Alabama, Shep the blinded beagle was discovered walking along a road. He had been severely injured previously, one of his eyes was damaged, along with his neck, and the other eye was entirely missing. He was lost and alone himself.

Shep was adopted by his new mother after being picked up by Two by Two Animal Rescue, who posted about the 5-year-old dog on Facebook.

Shep’s mother, Micah Larsen Brannon, said:

“I knew the moment I saw Shep’s picture one night that we were destined to be together.”

A veterinarian concluded that Shep had probably been chained up and left for a while before being discovered. Shep was discovered frozen to death, suffering greatly from his eye condition.

They took him to visit an ophthalmologist, who concluded that Shep would need to have his remaining eye removed since it was too severely injured, rendering him totally blind.

Isaiah said:

“No one truly knows how long he’s been blind; we don’t know how long his injuries remained untreated.”

However, because he is blind, the dog seems to be fully at ease.

Shep, who is now 8 years old, adores his new life and is really overjoyed. He moves extremely easily and is capable of everything he sets his mind to.