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This Cat Can’t Sleep If Its Human Mother Isn’t Holding Its Paw

Jamie, a 13-year-old cat, was given to the RSPCA of Australia when his previous human mother moved into a nursing home and was no longer able to care for him. He had cat flu, terrible teeth, and renal issues, so they gave him the veterinary treatment he needed to get better. If you don’t hold the cat’s paw, he can no longer fall asleep.

The staff was very upset that they couldn’t find an adoptive family for him because of his age, but fortunately Sarah Dempsey entered his life. This woman needed a companion cat, and Jamie was the best option.

Sarah stated to The Dodo:

He was dozing off when I first met him, but when I leaned down to look at him, he awoke.

He put his paw through the cage’s opening to stroke my head and purr, showing that he plainly needed some attention. The staff later allowed him out to watch how he interacted with me, and he was quite kind. He was aware that I would save him from loneliness, and he was aware that I would do the same for him.

They are now inseparable, and he wants to never leave her side.

She claims:

He is not going to leave my side. He likes to follow me around my apartment at night and talk to me.

Dempsey learned that this kitten cannot fall asleep if his adoptive mother does not hold his paw because he feels so content to be next to her at all times.

It meows and my hand comes back to it if I release it. I believe that we are already one.