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‘Firulai’, The Dog That Has Been Living Next To His Family’s Grave For A Week

Until the owner passed away more than a week ago, a devoted dog in Cauelas, Argentina, accompanied its master to deliver flowers to the grave of his wife who passed away months earlier. Since that time, “Firulai” has taken to sleeping near to the grave of his family, who raised him during his whole existence.

The unconditional affection that these magnificent animals offer to mankind and which endures for a lifetime is demonstrated clearly by Firulai. The dog spends more than ten days in the cemetery, sleeping next to his owners’ graves.

The dog picked up the location of the cemetery while accompanying the guy to pay respects at his wife’s grave. However, on July 14, the man passed away and his dog was left alone.

Firulai was the one who led the funeral procession on the day of the burial, and after the deceased’s family members departed, they noted that the dog wanted to stay in the location where his human parents were interred together.

The devoted dog has been watching over the grave for days without comprehending that his loving family will never come back. The cemetery workers feed and water the dog.