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This Man Had A Lot Of Money, But He Wasn’t Happy Until He Decided To Help Homeless Dogs

Rakesh Shukla, a 45-year-old software engineer in Bangalore, the capital of the Indian state of Karnataka, had a luxurious and comfortable life, but he wasn’t completely content until he one day realized the purpose of his existence. This man built a refuge for stray dogs where 735 of them are presently cared after and given new leases of life.

Says Rakesh Shukla:

I had worked in Delhi and the US before starting my own business in Bangalore. The only things I cared about at the time were buying large automobiles, pricey watches, and leading an opulent life. Despite having seen much of the globe and traveled much, he remained unhappy.

It all began in June 2009 when Kavya, a stunning Golden Retriever puppy, entered her life.

“She hid in a corner when we arrived home. I called to her while stooping to her level. She stared at me, terrified, but I could see she wanted to believe in me.

“And just then, it took place. It was a warm, tingly sensation that I could physically feel on my skin. I never again felt the need to question myself, “Why am I here?” after that.

A second dog called Lucky showed up three months after Kavya.

“It was soggy and depressing since it had been raining for 12 or 13 days, so I carried it home too.”

Rakesh Shukla started by providing shelter in his home for any abandoned dogs who came across him. However, when his wife started to complain about the number of dogs he was housing, he made the decision to move some of them to the office’s top floor.