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Former Mobster Turns His Life Around And Becomes An Animal Rescuer

The “Dogfather,” a former mobster who once worked for the Gambino crime family, one of the most notorious mob families in America, gave up his life of crime to save animals who needed it most. He turned his criminal tendencies into a passion for taking care of Brooklyn’s abused and neglected animals by founding the Keno’s Animal Sanctuary.

James Guiliani served as a street enforcer for John Gotti and his crew in Brooklyn for 20 years.

As Guiliani recalls:

“I used to beat people up and distribute drugs and marijuana.”

Guiliani then encountered a stray puppy, which caused everything to alter. a neglected and mistreated canine he called Bruno.

He stated:

“He was ill and close to death. On his flesh, maggots crawled.

Bruno was restored to health by Guiliani. Guiliani made the decision to never go back to his previous life after Bruno died. He had quit the mob because he had discovered a new goal.

Due to his way of life, Guiliani served time in prison, but the animals profoundly transformed his life.

According to the Daily News, Guiliani, also known as “Dogfella,” has moved back to the neighborhood of Bensonhurst where he used to reside. Now, instead of robbing people and businesses, haggling, or kidnapping people, Guiliani devotes his time to discovering and rescuing animals.

Although he continues to work in Brooklyn, his days of drug usage, criminality, and other vices are in the past. He is now committed to saving and relocating neglected and abandoned animals in the city, along with his wife Lena Perrelli.