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Meet Mackenzie, A Blind Husky That Never Gave Up But Is Living Her Life To The Fullest

Meet this lovely husky named Mackenzie. She was found by Mandy Leung, who decided to give dog a lovely home.

Husky was only 10-week-old and was already blind in her right eye.

After one month, she couldn’t see with her left eye as well.

But Mackenzie never gave up. She was living her life to the fullest despite health problems.

“Learning to adapt at such a young age has made her into a very confident girl,” Leung wrote on Instagram. “She gets around new places just fine and can play fetch like a normal dog!”

“I even forget that’s she’s blind sometimes because she stares right into my eyes when she looks at me,” Leung added.

Mandy loves her so much. Also, she has told that dog adores when it snows. She can’t contain her excitement when she can feel the snow.

“Snow is one of her favorite things and she never wants to come inside if there is snow outside,” Leung said.

Mackenzie is so beautiful and such a strong girl.