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Calf With Disabled Leg Faced Bleak Future But Makes Amazing Recovery Instead

This is a touching animal rescue story of a dairy farm cow who had the odds stacked against her from the moment she was born. But thanks to some loving people, she has overcome some major obstacles and survived!

The calf named Fawn fell out of her mother at birth and onto hard concrete, badly injuring her legs. She made her way to a safe place but unfortunately the kind woman who took her in did not have a lot of money to care for Fawn’s injury. She did her best to care for Fawn, but the cow’s leg did not heal and she was unable to walk. She ended up walking on the ground on her front knees.

Fawn’s future looked pretty bleak, but her caregiver got in touch with Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary and they said they would take her. Fawn is now making an amazing recovery.