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DNA Test Reveals Identity Of Mystery Animal Found Outside Woman’s Door

Christina Eyth spotted something strange outside her home last month on a chilly and snowy day in Pennsylvania. There were fresh tracks in the snow from what seemed to be a dog. Eyth was concerned about the pattern they created.

“I noticed dog tracks leading up to my door, as though he was searching in for assistance,” Eyth told The Dodo.

Eyth made the decision to follow the rails to their destination, which was right outside her basement door.

She explained, “That’s when I noticed this unfortunate animal.” “He was shivering and looked chilly.”

However, the animal’s look raised more questions than it answered.


Fortunately, Eyth was able to persuade the cat into her basement with food, drink, and warmth after many minutes of nervousness.

He looked to have mange, and his condition made it difficult to tell what sort of animal he was. Is this a domestic dog? Is it a coyote?

“I wasn’t sure,” Eyth remarked, “but he never displayed signals of violence.” “I simply observed an animal in distress and wanted to assist him.”

That’s exactly what she did.


Eyth posted about the unknown critter on a local message board, and Tj’s Rescue Hideaway, an animal protection organization, arrived quickly to help.

They, too, were unsure of the animal’s identity. Regardless, they understood he needed their support.

“Maria [the group’s organizer] and her crew came out and caught him without injuring him,” Eyth stated. “They took him to Wildlife Works-Mount Pleasant for care and testing to see what he was.”


Though the results of the tests to determine whether the animal is a dog or a coyote would take many weeks, rescuers began treating him with the same care and respect that all creatures need — just as Eyth had done.

But then came a surprise twist that no one saw coming.

The mystery animal managed to escape the treatment center a few days after being rescued – and was never seen again.

His species’ riddle, on the other hand, remained unsolved – until now.