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This Loyal Dog Didn’t Want To Leave The Place Where His Family Passed Away, But Now He’s Got A New One

This dog was a regular visitor to a hospital in the north of Canada, and the employees there eventually came to understand the reality. Because his family members had passed away there and he was now alone and defenseless, the devoted 13-year-old dog named Snappy did not want to go, but the future held a lovely surprise for him.

Northern Reach volunteer Erin Manahan said to The Dodo:

“He was owned. Actually, he was a pretty well-kept dog.”

He became an orphan right away because his family had been killed in a vehicle accident and passed away at the same hospital.

Snappy resisted leaving the area since he didn’t want to accept it. Over time, the nurses’ station team earned Snappy’s confidence by feeding and caring for the grieving dog.

But because he was homeless, Snappy got into a fight with the local stray dogs and was viciously assaulted, resulting in a gaping cut on his neck.

The dog was eventually captured by hospital staff and flown to Thunder Bay by Northern Reach, a rescue group that specializes in transporting helpless dogs from northern communities to residences in southern Ontario.

During his rehabilitation, a family placed Snappy in foster care, but even though everything was going well for the devoted dog, he still required more time to grieve for his loved ones.

said Erin

“He spent the first three hours of his arrival sitting beneath a tree. As with any rescue, we just give them time and room.”

Snappy was a dog that had been reincarnated when he ultimately made the decision to leave that spot on the tree. And a new life would soon begin for this new puppy.

Not long after that, a couple adopted Snappy, now known as Blue, and relocated him to Barrie in southern Ontario.