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Meet Yogi, The Dog With A ‘Human Face’

Meet this adorable dog named Yogi! Actually a lot of people still keep talking about this cute pup.

Yogi has such a human face. Can you see that?

The piercing gaze of his light almond-shaped eyes, the sense of a strong brow ridge above in his fluff, and those soft pinkish lips all definitely play a part in giving the dog the uncanny look of being part-person.

Dog’s owner, Chantal Desjardins told The Dodo that he never thought that his dog looks like a human. “Looking at him, normally I don’t see it!”

Then one of Chantal’s friends did something. He posted a pic of Yogi on Reddit — and everyone went crazy.

You can read some of people comments:

“This is deeply unsettling…”

“It looks like Nicolas Cage dressed as an Ewok.”

“I’d feel weird petting it.”

“I laughed, then I got uncomfortable, now I’m rocking back and forth desperately trying to convince myself it’s
just a face swap”.