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The’ Stray cat’ She’s Been Feeding Is Actually A Possum, According To A Woman

Michelle Slater and her family observed what they thought was a stray cat at their front door, but when the mother tried to approach the feline guest, he bolted. She left him some food in the hopes of drawing him back; his amazement at seeing that the cat was actually a possum was great.

Michelle would leave food at her front door every night in the hopes that the strange cat would return, but she was too delighted to notice that she had eaten the wet food.

She explained to The Dodo:

“I set the [cat’s] home and the blanket with a garden rock for a personal touch when the temperatures decreased on April 6.”


Apparently, the cat he saw at his entrance never returned, but when the possum saw that there was food and a comfortable bed without an owner, he felt at home. It was not what the woman expected to find, but she was happy to meet her mysterious visitor and still continues to leave food every night for her new and particular friend.


The cat who appeared at his door apparently never returned, but the possum felt at ease when he saw food and a comfy bed without an owner. The woman was surprised to find what she did, but she was pleased to meet her strange guest and continues to leave food for her new and special friend every night.


Michelle continued, ”

«I feed him every day and give him water, but he always disappears the next morning, and I haven’t seen him since.» “He’s still my phantom kitten.”