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A Cat Rescues A Baby Possum She Now Thinks Is Her Baby

Cats are known for having a strong hunting sense. If you have a cat at home, you know that these animals will chase after everything that moves, from a little mouse to a simple coquito.

These animals’ hunting ritual includes playing with their victim while it is immobilized, however it appears that the mother impulse outweighed the hunter in a kitten.

When they’re young, these marsupials look a lot like mice, so when the cat in this story came upon one, she couldn’t help but assume it was a lost kid and adopted it as a kitten.

This strange animal instance was published on Facebook via the profile “Michin gado cat,” where the user chose to disclose his neighbor’s cat’s maternal achievement.

The feline discovered the opossum in the garden and chose to raise her as her own child; however, she no longer separates herself from her and they now do everything together.

“In their yard, they discovered a young possum that had apparently fallen from its mother. They added in the article, “The mama kitty took it in like one of her kitties, but she doesn’t understand why this little ‘kitty’ hangs on her all the time.”

In the article, many photographs of the strange family were released. The kitten appears to be dedicated to caring for the helpless critter, but no one knows if they will have the same relationship when the opossum grows older and the mother realizes that her kid isn’t quite a cat.

This mystery will not be solved until the creature matures, yet it is conceivable that the attachment will survive. There are other stories of unique friendships and adoptions in the animal kingdom, such as this one.

Indeed, considering the current global conditions, the magazine concludes with a thought-provoking message: “Right now, we need to be more like Animals, taking care of one other in their time of need.”