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A Defenseless Pigeon Is Arrested On Suspicion Of Being A Spy Sent By Another Country

The Indian police have arrested a helpless pigeon and are accusing it of conducting worldwide espionage. It is unclear if this is a stupid joke carried out by a cheeky young guy or indeed an animal utilized for espionage.

On May 24, a pygmy pigeon was found that was painted pink and had a ring with what appeared to be a code on one of its legs, despite the fact that the situation may seem a little improbable.

Geeta Devi, a native who resides in the Indian area of Katua in Kashmir, found and captured the creature.

An inquiry has been started against the animal, which is said to have carried a secret code to the Pakistani government, after it was turned up by the resident to the police.

“We’re unsure of its actual origin. It was taken by the locals close to our gates. On a ring that was discovered on his thigh, there were some numbers written, according to Kathua Police Chief Superintendent Shailendra Kumar Mishra.

Although there is no international limit on the movement of birds, the animal was taken near a border and the locals turned it over because they thought it was “suspect.”

The pigeon’s imprisonment in a cage and permanent loss of freedom at the whim of wicked creatures who disregard its fundamental rights is extremely harsh.

While the inquiry is being conducted, the creature is in the hands of the authorities. The Indians appear to understand that migrating birds do not have rings on their legs, but it is likely that the Pakistani government has added them to the spy pigeons it uses.