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Cats Born With Cute But Grumpy Faces Are Stealing Hearts In Internet

Being the biggest domestic cat breed, Maine coons are one of the most popular cats. Because who doesn’t love big and fluffy cats, right? These majestic felines can grow as much as 40 inches in length and come in 75 different color combinations. With their long, multilayered fur and large paws, Maine coons are very well equipped for winter. In fact, one theory suggests that they originated from Norwegian Forest cats because back in the day, they might have come to America with the Vikings.

While these long-haired felines have many distinctive features that separate them from other cats, there’s one you can never miss.

The cats of this breed have quite distinctive faces. In fact, some of them are so peculiar that they look like… human faces.

Recently, a cattery called Catsvill County shared photos of a litter with 5 adorable grey kittens, and people instantly started noticing something strange about them – they all look a bit like grumpy old men.

Who can argue that when looking at these cats, it feels like their faces convey a very unique expression?

The kittens all look quite similar too, it’s hard to tell them apart. Nevertheless, all of them are just as adorable!

One year ago, the very same cattery went viral for their 2-month old kitten Valkyrie, who looks like he has a human face.