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Loyal Dog Waits Three Months For His Owner Who Passed Away In A Wuhan Hospital

The 7-year-old, devoted dog named “Xiao Bao” (small treasure), who shared a home with an elderly man in Wuhan, China, has the most amazing demonstration of love and loyalty. His father, an old man, was hospitalized and passed away in Taikang Hospital in Hubei Province as a result of the COVID-19 epidemic. Little Xiao Bao waited in the hospital lobby for his father to return for three months.

Sadly, the guy who contracted the virus in February during the peak of the epidemic passed away 5 days after being brought to the hospital. After that, the dog remained in the area in hopes of running across him again.

Wuhan Small Animal Protection Association

The small puppy never left the hospital in the hopes of seeing his father again, who ended up becoming one of the 3,869 people who died from the dreadful sickness in the city, said Zhu Youzhen, 65, the person in charge of cleaning the hospital. The dog patiently awaited him at this period. When he transferred, the medical personnel assumed control of his nutrition.

The hospital grocery reopened in mid-April once Wuhan’s lockdown restrictions were relaxed, with manager Wu Cuifen taking care of the puppy’s needs.

Wuhan Small Animal Protection Association

Says Wu Cuifen

“In the middle of April, when I went back to work, I became aware of the puppy. I addressed him as “Xiao Bao.” That’s the name I gave him after learning that the owner of Xiao Bao, a retiree, had been diagnosed with the coronavirus. He later passed suddenly, but Xiao Bao was unaware of it and continued to hunt for him within the hospital.”

Wuhan Small Animal Protection Association

When they tried to remove the dog from the hospital, Wu discovered that he would return and wait patiently in the lobby for the arrival of his loved one.

Ms. Wu described:

He did not ever leave the hospital. I got to know the dog since he was so devoted to me and I brought him to the business. Whenever he opened in the morning, Xiao Bao was there to greet me. At the conclusion of each day, he bid me farewell.

Wuhan Small Animal Protection Association

The staff at Taikang Hospital decided to call the Wuhan Little Animal Protection Association when they received complaints about the small dog that was running loose in the hospital’s hallways in the middle of May. They were given Xiao Beam in response.

Wuhan Small Animal Protection Association